Hammock Time!

How to get out of the pit? “You can opt for God” — Uhhhhh – then why didn’t I do that a long time ago? We do God just the same way we do so many otHammock Timeher things in our lives.

When planning my trip back home I packed tons of supplies including an extra laptop – just in case.  A young man recently told me he has four eggs in one basket and four in another – just in case. And just in case God doesn’t deliver us WHEN we want him to we start a Band-Aid Ministry covering sores because we don’t opt for God.

Moore then advises us on three “Get out of That Pit” steps: Cry out, Confess, Consent. I don’t know about you but I sure do have the “Cry Out” piece down pat.  Aren’t you happy just having that calm assurance that no matter where we are or how deep in the pit we are that when we cry out God hears AND answers?  That just puts a yesssssssssss in my spirit.

Marvin Winans sang “…and if I had a dime for every time I tried to call your name. Some tell me, I’d be wealthy…you just don’t wanna know.”

I’m with Marvin on this one, I absolutely hate to be ignored – you know you saw my number on your phone!  Just think, with God before we even finish dialing his number He’s already heard us and answered.  I can just imagine Him tilting His head in my direction saying, “I hear my child calling!” The song writer says “whisper His name and He’ll come to you…shout out His name. And He will run to you.”   One thing to remember here too is that this is between you and God. He doesn’t care if we have the perfect words, the most eloquent prayer, or a prayer voice that shatters chandeliers. He just wants a sincere heart.   

I think I have the confess part down too – note I said think so there’s still room for improvement here.  My real weakness though is in the consenting part. Not that I’m in a pit now, or want to stay in a pit, but I get into pits and stay in pits, trouble, sin, things that aren’t good for me because I get convenient amnesia and forget that God’s will and God’s plan is flawless.  You just can’t beat flawless. Let me go find my hammock so I can lay in kef while God does his “shifting, shoving, and rearranging!”

Consent problems anyone? Which “Get Out of that Pit” steps gives you the most angst?


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