Make up Your Bed

I’m not sure about you but chapter 5 of “Get out of That Pit” had me abusing my highlight and note taking Kindle function. Side note if you haven’t started reading it, it’s not too late to join us!

Moore starts the chapter reminding us that “we don’t need to deal with our pits we need to get OUT of our pits.”  Duh right?  Still we have many perfectly made beds covering rumpled sheets…

I absolutely love the analogy Beth uses of Reuben saving Joseph from one pit, only to plop him smack dab into another. And Reuben thought he was doing Joseph a favor. In the grand scheme of things I suppose he was, yet it really gives us a vivid picture of how inadequate we are as humans at problem solving. What we ARE good at is creating sinkholes—the kind synonymous to sewer collapses.  

“The trouble comes when we insist upon someone equally human becoming our deliverer…Nothing is more futile or leaves us more fractured than trusting man to be our God”—but  we do it – over and over and…  correction – I do it. Perhaps we don’t do the full gamut of bowing to them or creating an altar to worship, but when trouble comes who do we speed dial?  Do we fall on our knees or reach for the nearest phone?   Oft times it’s not really about anointing fallible human gods but about finding crutches.  We pack our lives with people, things, and activities that fill a void, even if only temporarily.  It’s like the dull throb of a toothache.  Ointment for the gum, a filling, a root canal, a crown – all temporary fixes – some even last for years, but until we yank the tooth completely out we’ll always need to fix it.

“People can help us but they can’t heal us. People can lift us but they can’t carry us.”  Ohhhhhh can we repeat that again – slowly?  I’m about to find a mirror…

 “People can help us —– BUT they can’t heal us…People can lift us…BUT — they can’t carry us.”   No matter how much someone props us up or coax us out of our pits if we don’t get up and put one foot in front the next, we’ll be like a man on a treadmill running but going absolutely nowhere.   While we nurse this thought here’s something else I had to chew on – expectations.  We put so much on people that before they start racing they’ve already faltered. “Only God can hang with us through the length of our need and the length and breadth of our baloney.” And in case you were wondering — yes I have baloney, you have baloney, and even the Queen with her fascinator tilted just right has baloney.

What a comfort it is to know that our unfailing God “knowing all we are, all we feel, and all we hide” – all our baloney – still loves us.

That’s MY God. Is he yours?


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