Junk in the Prada

“That Prada bag on someone’s shoulder may look impressive but it still holds junk!” << Can I get two Amens?!

Chapters three and four of “Get Out of That Pit” took me on a journey of self introspection. I’ve always maintained that cheating doesn’t just happen. You know from that first flirtatious conversation exactly where it was going. Runnnn before you slip into a pit — easy enough yes? Funny that I could see this and frown with righteous indignation but I can’t or should I say won’t see all the other seemingly innocent pits in life disguised as dips. The worse thing about pits you slip into is that when you finally do look up you’re so utterly far from God. When you first slip you’re sensitive to God — before you could slide far you’re already begging God for forgiveness. Then the path gets more familiar, the slope less slippery, and with hardened hearts we get comfortable and even make our own make shift sled with cardboard. Don’t you just hate that vacant feeling?  I give myself a mental kick for weakening my connection with God. (I’ve had many mental kicks) Static on the line Lord!

I just love Joseph when he ran from Potiphar’s wife. That’s what I call fleeing from a pit!

You know the other pits we slip into – or at least me — I’ll speak for myself. The ones triggered by a memory we thought we were over. The reality is it was simply buried and just needed the right gust of wind to blow off the canvas. Talk about a punch to the gut. One day you’re soaring then the next you’re gasping for air. I’m learning daily to stay away from things and people that set off my pit sensors.

Ohhhh boy to the pit jumping…  I didn’t need to be reminded of how absolutely stupid I’ve been on so many occasions. When I think of pit jumpers I immediately think of Jonah and his blatant disregard for God’s directive.  I’m ashamed to say that so many times I’ve worn Jonah’s shoes. And like Beth’s friend with the DUI I roll my dice, forfeit my $200.00 and go directly to my pit — right after using my “Get out of Pit Free” card.  Yah that card we use when we lament before God and say, “Lorrrrrrd if you save me this one time I won’t do it again.”  Knowing deep down in our hearts we’re already justifying our next pit jumping actions. Funny that Beth should remind us that God knows our hearts! Hmmm am I the only one who’s made promises to God?

My biggest take away from this reading segment is: “so much of our propensity toward pit jumping springs from the fact that somewhere deep down inside we just don’t trust God.” Who meeeee? Surely not! The reality is, however, that every time I try to fix my problems on my own, or indulge in self destructive behavior I’m telling my God that I don’t trust him. Now THAT is a hard pill to swallow.

What resonated with you in chapters three and four?


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